Reached the final competition stage for the Recanati-Kop-Rashi Award for the Entrepreneur Teacher and Social Worker 
Cochav Hatzafon’s deputy director received a special certificate of appreciation for developing “A Supportive Environment”, a program designed for people with mental developmental disabilities. 
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Outstanding Achievements


Won a Ministry of Welfare tender to operate apartments within communities for people with mental developmental disabilities from unique population sectors.


Won a Ministry of Welfare tender to operate transitional programs that prepare participants to lead independent lives, including living in a communal hostel and volunteering in the IDF in units specially designed for young adults with mental developmental disabilities. 


Cochav Hatzafon’s CEO won the Paul Harris Award, the highest award given by Rotary International, for her work developing services for people with disabilities and for disadvantaged populations who live in Israel’s periphery in the Galilee. 


Won a tender from the Eastern Galilee Municipalities Cluster to create a service network for disabled people living in 22 local councils in the Upper and Eastern Galilee, from Metula in the north and down to Emek HaYarden (Jordan Valley) in the south, including communities in the Golan Heights.


Winner of 5-star ratings for quality and excellence in the Standards Institution of Israel competition, among industrialists and nonprofits in the Galilee


Won Shalem Foundation Prize for Excellence for its contribution to the community with “Or Hatof” (a drumming group comprised of people with intellectual developmental disabilities treated by the Organization).


Establishment of Ma’arag Kfar Vradim , a unique and innovative project: a rehabilitative communal and touristic art center. 


Competed against 176 Israeli organizations to receive a $400,000 grant from PPSNI and won for construction of Ma’arag.


Won Beit Issie Shapiro’s Trump Benevolence Award for outstanding work with people with developmental disabilities.


Won Shalem Foundation Award for Excellence for the management of a unique and excellent project within the “Mercaz Cochav”, a multi- disability regional center for the treatment of people with mental disabilities. 


Spearheaded the regional development of 32 projects for people with disabilities, which involved 12 Jewish and Druze local councils, the Rashi Foundation and public and private foundations. Budget for project, which is still in operation to this day, was $10 million.


Operated nationwide pilot program in the area of services for the disabled (“Mercaz Cochav”- a multi-service center for the treatment of people with mental disabilities), which was successfully replicated in a number of other locations around Israel. 


2021 Won a tender to build and operate a rehabilitative-occupational center for people with various disabilities in Granot HaGalil


2021 Establishment of Ma'arag Mevo'ot HaChermon - a  center provides a wide spectrum of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, residents of the Upper  and eastern Galilee, including the Golan Heights 
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