"Residents in Uniform" is a transitional program towards independent living for young men and women with special needs, and includes living away from home and experiencing a voluntary track in the Israel Defense Forces.
The program, that was developed by the Rehabilitation Section of the Welfare Ministry and which is operated by Cochav Hatzafon, enables young people with special needs who live in apartments in the community to take a further step towards the social consensus of Israeli society – service in the I.D.F.
Its aim is to enable the young people to integrate into normal activities typical of their peers, to formulate personal identity, to develop skills and capabilities and to prepare for independent life outside their parents' home.
What is the program?
"Residents in Uniform" is an innovative, integral program under the aegis of the Rehabilitation Section of the Ministry of Welfare, combining living in the community with experience of a voluntary track in army bases in Western Galilee, Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.
The young adults will live in a regular apartment in the community and will leave daily for important voluntary service (6-8 hours) at a nearby base, accompanied by a professional team from the (non-profit) association – individual and group mentoring according to need.
A role will be tailored to each participant according to his/her wish, skills and potential, according to a personal program  that will be designed for him/her by the multi-professional team including the participants themselves, guardian, army and housing representatives.
In the afternoons and evenings they will be integrated into cultural, enrichment and leisure activities in the community.
The program lasts three years, while from the second year elements will be added concerning the development of employment skills, acquiring a profession and aid in integrating into the employment/labor world in the free market.

Who is eligible?
Young adults aged 18-25 of borderline intelligence or with light physical disability, who belong to the Rehabilitation Section of the Welfare Ministry.
The candidates have to receive authorization from the regional placement committee.

Where will they live?
The participants will live in various communities in the North, in apartments run according to the high standards of the association: rooms for one or two residents, equipped with all necessities and tastefully furnished; comfortable, large communal spaces; showers and bathrooms for every two residents.
Each apartment will have a professional team from the association that will deal with mentoring and guidance, while emphasizing the development of independence and maximization of personal skills, for each participant in the program.

What do they do in the afternoons?
The participants will be integrated into the cultural and leisure life of the community (library, sports facilities, cinema and lectures, outings, High Holidays events etc.) and will also enjoy special activities of enrichment, study and preparation for independent life.

Who are the team members?
The professional, skilled team of the association includes a director, social worker, occupational therapist and instructors.
Additional services such as a psychologist, psychiatrist etc. will be provided as necessary.
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For details, contact:
Itay Ifergan, Housing Director
Tel: 052-821-2722 ,04-997-1790

Transitional housing

The Association operates a transitional program that was developed by the Welfare Ministry’s Rehabilitation Department, which includes away-from-home residences for young people with disabilities who wish to volunteer in the IDF, and in preparation for work in the free market.
The program “Residents in Uniform” enables young people with disabilities to live in community apartments and integrate into normative activities for people their age, while partaking in one of the most important aspects of Israeli society: service in the Israel Defense Forces. 

Residents in Uniform

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