“Tapuach” Support and Treatment Center, Mas'ade 
The Tapuach Center supports people with severe developmental and mental disabilities and those with motor disabilities, ages 21 and older, who live in the northern Golan Heights.
The Center operates five days a week and is run by a team of professionals who provide a range of quality services that meet the physical, medical, social and occupational needs of the participants.
The staff consists of a director, professional coordinator, three therapists, physiotherapist, volunteer hydro-therapist, and massage therapist.
Activities include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, animal therapy, music workshops, and more. 

“Ma’arag” Day Care Center for People with Severe Physical Disabilities- Kfar Vradim

“Ma'arag” is a multi-disability occupational rehabilitation center, that functions as a day care center for people with severe physical disabilities ages 21 and older.
The Center operates five days a week and is run by a team that consists of a director, social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, 12 rehabilitative counselors, ceramic artist, video editor and film director who conduct multimedia workshops, computer technician, and building and maintenance managers.
Ma'arag offers the following variety of services:
Occupational service customized for each rehabilitant in one of the art workshops offered, in a manner which enables each individual to progress on a continuum of employment with the accompaniment and support of the professional staff.
The rehabilitants are integrated into art workshops of their choice (ceramics, textiles, carpentry, laser cutting, fabric prints, basket weaving and multimedia).
Every workshop has work stations that have been adapted for people with complex physical disabilities. The multimedia workshop has a high level of assistive technology so that participants can easily use switches, joysticks, mice, keyboards, eye-tracking devices, magnification software, alternative communication devices, and adjustable tables.
Physical and occupational therapy that are customized according to each individual diagnosis. Both group and individual treatments are provided.
Group treatments include preparation for working in the free market, balance training, wheelchair basketball and yoga, among others.
Learning groups are divided according to participants’ interests and desires. Some of the groups study languages, women’s advancement, preparation for supported employment, Facebook page management, and interpersonal communication. 
Social and leisure activities take place at the Center four times a week.
In addition, participants can select from a range of alternating enrichment activities, available on a regular basis. Activities include morning trips on wheelchair accessible paths, chee-kong and gardening, to name a few. 
At-home Treatments in the Northern Golan Heights
The therapeutic staff provides at-home treatments for people with severe disabilities who are confined to their homes.  The staff includes an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, social worker and counsellor.
The team accompanies and guides families regarding daily care of their loved ones. They help with maintaining and improving abilities, provide additional activity to their routine, and endeavours to help these disabled individuals make progress. 

“Mercaz Cochav” Therapeutic Day Care Center- Ma’alot

Therapeutic Day Care Center created for adults with moderate and severe mental developmental disabilities who live in Ma’alot and the surrounding communities. 
The Center is run by the non-profit Mercaz Cochav Ma’alot-Tarshicha and operates five days a week between 7:30am and 3:30pm. It offers therapeutic, occupational and social services.
In addition, the Center provides extended-day services for children (ages 6-21) with intellectual disabilities and Respite care to ease the burden on the families.
The Center’s staff consists of 35 professionals, including a social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nurse, behavioral analyst, rehabilitation instructors and a cook. 

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Gaby Polizer, social worker, Deputy Director
Tel: 050-579-2790
  cochav hatzafon  Association | Registered association​ 580409761 | www.cochavhatzafon.org.il
Ma'arag 1 Meron St., Kfar Vradim, PO Box 1210, Zip code 2514700
  Tel: 04.9570129 | Fax: 04.6383156 |  Email: cochav@cochav.org.il